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Having Problews
  Jesus said, "Go ye into all the world, and preach
                       the gospel to every creature."
is willing to help Churches follow the Great Commission by preaching the Good News of the Gospel of Christ throughout the whole world.
enables churches to produce LIVE VIDEO of any type of service and also maintains archived copies of all of your webcasts so your parishioners can partake of the worship experience whenever they are available.
is not just a company with a Streaming Video server located somewhere in Cyberspace. Not only do we have our server, but we have been Streaming Video from the same side of the camera that you are on since 2005 with over 2500 Live events Video Webcasted.
Who would ever want to miss one of these events?
Now you can be there...
 ...even when you can't!
Just Mega-Church?
It's not any longer just TV evangelists and Mega-Churches who are able to reach out and help minister to world-wide audiences. As the World is shrinking, even the smallest churches have the ability to help reach the entire world for Christ.